Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary alternative therapy that helps restoring and promoting balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by using essential oils, aromatic waters, base vegetable oils, and other herbal formulations. Beyond physical means, aromatherapy indirectly develops high level of consciousness in relation to our alliance, healthy way of life, and connectedness to nature.

My aromatherapy approach diffuses through all aspect of life. From kitchen to bathroom, wellness to wholeness, leisure to pleasure, work and passion – aromatic and medicinal plants are my companion to enrich life and share mindful, healthy and life-changing practices with others.

Aromatherapy Coaching & Personal Blending

On an individual aromatherapy coaching session we tune in to the momentary stage and state of your life, perform a personalised coaching session to leave you with some realisations and guidance after a deep, comprehensive and inspiring conversation.

For each session we intuitively select and work with the healing properties of aromatic plants and essential oils. Our personal blending procedure connecting you with the elements of nature is using high quality pure therapeutic grade essentially oils & aromatic waters – from a large selection of mostly organic or wild-crafted materials.

You may leave with new realisations, awareness and understanding of certain aspects of your life, have a truly transformative experience, and get associated confirmations to guide you further along your path.

Optionally, we may turn your supporting energies into your personal aromatherapy blend in the form of a body oil, scented mist or a botanical perfume.

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