Aromatic Kinesiology

Aromatic Kinesiology is a wonderful modality that takes us to a scented adventure combining aromatherapy and kinesiology. We use muscle testing – gentle pressure on the arms – to discover and map the profoundly complex effects that essential oils can have on us deeply on a soul level.

Aromatic Kinesiology has very gentle, nourishing and indulging tools to serve our deep and powerful transformative work, and gives directions on how we can apply healing plant essences in dealing with feelings and emotions. Information captured and delivered by essential oils are being combined with relaxation techniques, emotional metaphors, symbols and meditation in order to map your individual behavioral patterns, defuse restricting beliefs and stimulate regenerative capacity. Re-writing your own personal stories and transforming your inner voice, you will have the capacity to take on a new path, make different decisions, and act upon your conscious choices.

Aromatic Kinesiology was created in 1992 by Robbi Zeck, an Australian naturopath, aromatherapist, kinesiologist, and coach who started teaching her powerful method based on thirty-five years of research and clinical experience. Love, grace & gratitude to Robi for developing and sharing her method with us.

Sessions available:

  • In-house at my aromatic sanctuary

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