Botanical perfumes are soul medicine. Natural ingredients transformed into scented messengers. Jewels of our self-care, health-care and self-love. Teachers about sense and sensibility. Practice of compassion, humbleness and respect towards the offerings of mother Earth.

Understanding these living compositions, background and power translates into the knowing of oneself. One engaged into botanical perfumery is also being truthful to the inner demand of pure quality. 

Creating and using botanical perfumes is a journey. We accompany each other on a natural evolution and I take the lead to be the guide and authentically share experiences, joy and wisdom plants have to offer. I invite you as a fragrant adventurer to step into this magical alchemy through allowing botanical perfumes dancing with your own chemistry.

My botanical perfumes are made in small batches, with the highest quality of pure essential oils, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients. They are not available in shops, please get in touch if they are calling you.

Grace & Shine

Grace & Shine is a new botanical perfume that I have recently played with and stayed with, and created in various forms. The alchemical scent was born from a request to make a roll-on oil for a lady who had to let go… who had to move on… and keep smiling, and be cheerful, and feel the warmth and invitation of what’s coming next in her life. With a hint of rose and neroli, and a basketful of uplifting citruses, tulsi to calm the nerves, cypress to keep oneself together, anchoring with some sweet resins to feel safe, being held and supported. After having super seriously beautiful feedbacks, I have also created a nurturing body oil version, and some creamy solid perfumes in tins.

Pure Heart

In the PureHeart perfume balm, Rose is the queen mother offering her love and emotional healing. Juniper creates a protected environment for purification, while gently fortifying and empowering. The presence of Lavender is there in the line of support with calmness and stability, backing up with Frankincense for grounding and quiet contemplation. The composition is to empower the heart to fully trust again, and dare to love unconditionally. For a bit of more encouragement, I spiced up the blend with a hint of Clove to be there, warming our efforts for a re-start with every new beginning in our endeavours.

Angelic Champagne

Sort of building on the intentions and qualities drawn up in my Love & Harmony and Happy Days blends, I called upon the essential oils of Rose and Neroli to cuddle and elevate the citruses – Bergamot, Mandarine, Orange and Grapefruit -, and tune in through Rose Geranium of Egypt, Palmarosa and Rosewood. Sweet support from Clove bud, more joyous freedom from Benzoe and warm balsamic presence of Tolu symbolise wings of ground stability. The final touch is coming from the exquisite spicy nature of Wintergreen that is elegantly striking, yet deliciously playful.


Journey was my first 9-note perfume. I wanted to create a scent that reflects my journey here on Crete. Something that is composed by the plants and fragrances that are all around the island and part of my life. At the same time, the blend is to express the intention that it is part of a transformational journey. An elixir that, by remembering who we are, encourages personal development,  creates harmony, gives clarity, builds trust and inner wisdom to facilitate and enhance creativity in a protected environment. From where you can tune in to your destiny by using the power of plants and find joy, empowerment and renewal. See more on the composition and making of Journey the Perfume on my aromatic journal.

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