How about some great days off while rewarding yourself with a project getting completed? This is how our Creative Journeys are designed. Workshop-style consultation programmes taking place at the relaxed atmosphere of Crete island. A special edition of our Life-Changing retreats. Away from your usual office surroundings where you can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, mountains and seaside as key elements of a highly inspiring magnificent natural environment.

My time, dedicated attention and communications expertise are all offered to you in bringing dreams into reality. We create visuals, develop ideas, strategies & directions to launch new projects. I support you with multiple qualities, just as if you had the most generous boss, a greatly cooperative colleague and a pretty skilled & helpful assistant all teamed up.

Our time-schedule should be flexible enough to get some good deal of work done, yet leave space for proper eating, relaxation, visiting around and enjoying of local everything. We go for what is most important for your stay to feel content and free from your usual life duties.

I also accept invitations to travel & work on projects abroad. I am delighted to go & cooperate with artists, healers, therapists, organic farmers, aromatic plant growers, essential oil distillers, botanical perfumers, and likeminded fellows involved in retreats, eco-tourism and self-development programmes. Did I miss your life-changing passion on my list? Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to co-create and have your work manifested out there in the wider world.

Highlights from our Creative Journey with Anne Kamille Ahlefeldt at The House of Being in Denmark. Photography, concept & website design to manifest Anna’s healing work through expressive visuals.

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