Private Retreats 2018 Guidelines

My private retreats on Crete are available in various themes, but they usually share a couple of things in common. My guidelines are children of a perfectionist mind and a free spirit, and always conceived by the blessing of a pure heart.

  • I will give you a personal welcome at the airport of Chania. To get the best out of your stay we can start sharing stories on the way to your Cretan hideaway.

  • You will be staying in a beautifully restored and fully equipped traditional Cretan stone house literally next door to mine, so we can be in easy reach during your retreat.

  • I will share with you delicious healthy food I prepare mostly from ingredients coming from my friends’ organic farms. Two meals per day, in-between fruits & snacks, tea & herbal drinks are included daily. Third in-house meal is optional as we might eat out during our programs. Local food in tavernas are at affordable price.

  • I will offer you my inspiring presence together with my infinite ways of guiding tools, knowledge, experience & wisdom to take care of you with whatever might best support your stay.

  • I will be my authentic self to share with you my life experiences from my own life-transformational journey from the past 15 years or so, whatever I have learnt about a healthy way of living, a life harmonised with your nature, finding your way through  various perspectives and keep being in the flow to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

  • In assuming you are coming with an open mind, I make sure you will be fully recharged through all your senses, sparkling from new ideas, seeing the world with refreshed eyes and return home with a joyful heart.

  • We should not take it for granted, so with gratitude to our contributing partners – the Plant Kingdom, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Sun, the Moon… and the abundant Universe – the amazing landscape of Crete, with its ever-changing appearance, its mountains and beaches will be there to surround you with no appointments needed.

  • I will take you to some of my favourite places (be prepared, there are lots…) on our beautiful island of Crete and you might get a taste of our local community life  and meet some amazing like-minded people too.

  • My story-telling photography may create lots of memories ready to share with whom you want and to keep for your own re-visiting records, to remind you of the unforgettable experiences during your retreat.

  • The Essential Session or any other listed private treatments from me are available to you any time during your stay, as an additional option.

  • You will be given a chance to look around in my Living-Room Distillery, smell my collection of essential oils, aromatic waters, herbal preparations, botanical perfumes, or other magical balms from my herbal apothecary.

Additional information:

  • In case your arrival destination is Heraklion airport, we can make arrangements at additional cost.
  • Transportation during your stay will be provided with my car. In case our arrangements are for a longer period, or you just want your additional freedom, car rentals available locally or online.
  • Alternative accommodation options are available upon request.
  • Special dietary arrangements upon discussion.
  • As part of the Co-creation packages, custom professional photographs will be made to help you in sharing your passion and invite others to take your services.
  • These guidelines are generalisations. It might happen that some information does not perfectly fit. Don’t worry about that. Instead of making assumptions, simply ask.
  • As things in life keep changing, I reserve the right to changes.

Private Retreat 2018

Life-Transformation Journeys
Aromatic Journeys
Creative Journeys
Leaders’ Retreats

If you have’t been there yet, please consult my packages page or discover the Retreat sections for the retreat themes summary. 

Sometimes I use week numbers instead of specific dates, in consideration of various flight arrangements from different cities or countries. This means that on a ‘First Come First Served’ scheduling, my dates can be initially more flexible, while you might be required to adjust your traveling dates to my calendar as it progresses in filling up.

When you see no Week availabilities explicitly listed here at all, please don’t get discouraged! Time flies, and in this flow of life it is always best to get in contact for a personal touch, and to find out about the magical spaces available for you.

Subject to availability, new opportunities might be there all year around, so please get in touch to see if there is a flexible solution that fits both of us.

Before you apply:

  • When you inquire/apply to my programmes, please share with me some introduction about yourself, your intentions, your preferred dates and such. This will help us both to use our time and energy the best possible way.
  • Before I can confirm your inquiry, we will arrange an introductory conversation on Skype (Viber, Messenger, FaceTime or such). This will give us a chance to see your readiness and willingness to participate in the program and if we resonate with each other. My intention is to work with those that truly care about their personal transformation and/or any other gifts I have to offer within the thematic retreats.

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