Projects to Life

We all live in our own bubbles, and so often we get lost as it feels difficult to see things clearly. Me as a guide and a mirror can assist your understanding, help in finding the right directions, and to develop solutions in various matters and situations.

As your project mentor I am there for you with a calm presence, sensitive perception and compassionate caregiving. I listen to you as well as provide creative support and practical guidance. I give you my insight, inspiring ideas, and you will benefit from my wisdom, experiences and various valuable and creative resources while bringing your vision to life.

Sessions available:

  • In-house at my aromatic sanctuary

  • Online via Skype

  • At your location

  • Email communication

Our work can include copyrighting, visuals, structures, strategies, social media, webdesign and the holistic management of the birth process to facilitate bringing your passion and message to the world.


Ildiko, you have a special ability with an exceptional sense for bringing the best out of people. You inspire us, open our eyes and give support on the road. True, pure selflessness is your core quality. You are powerful, persistent, dare to be weak and even show your vulnerability – and that is a really powerful package. Beyond your spiritual sensitivity is your authentic, constantly expanding professional knowledge.

– Noemi Peli, Marketing Specialist & Ceramic Artist at

Highlights from some Projects to Life with Susse Marianna Smedes at The House of Healing in Crete:

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