lldiko is passionate about sharing her inspiring personal stories from behind the mountains of Crete island, while being on the road, searching and experiencing, capturing, collecting, distilling, making herbal preparations, blending botanical perfume and more. She offers her insights of authentic approach and humble practices for better understanding and appreciation of nature, herbal remedies and awareness of trustworthy natural applications in our self-development and everyday life practices. Her blog Essential Reflections is a free-style coaching journal of life-learning experiences through journeys to the heart, self discovery, relationships, health, personal transformation, medicinal plants & aromatherapy, inspiring food and travel ideas.

Ildiko is a contributing writer of Aromatika Magazin, an online publication in Hungary to support holistic living, the practice and professional education of aromatherapy, phytotherapy, naturopathy and related subjects.

Aromatic Adventures on the island of Crete

Ildiko’s printed collection of writings as a book was first introduced in 2018. She had a warm welcome by the aromatherapy community at the Botanica 2018 Conferences in Brighton, and also by several fortunate individuals around the world who managed to get copies of her first privately published inspiring book Aromatic Adventures on the island of Crete.
The book with new extended chapters will soon be available.

Articles & photo essays are written both in English and in Hungarian.

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