Ildiko Berecz is an intuitive mentor, coach and therapist who is passionate about understanding and improving self-knowledge, developing self-awareness. She is a life-transformation advocate with aromatherapy & herbalism as core guides in her life-learning practices, research and writing.

As a young alchemist she distills medicinal and aromatic plants and creates her own natural apothecary and botanical perfumes. As a service she offers to share her personal experience and wisdom and facilitates others on their life journeys in various creative ways.

“There is no end. There is no beginning.
There is only the infinite passion of life.”
– Federico Fellini

More about Ildiko

I am passionate about life, people, plants and the beauty of infinite change. My purpose is to help individuals and projects to foster and promote healthy, sustainable, peaceful and flourishing life on Earth.

While having lived a more conventional life (- so I thought -) in Hungary, being engaged in leading people & businesses, travelling extensively for both work & curiosity, I started my own conscious self-development journey in 2001. Twelve years later in 2013, the time was right to make an even bigger step: leave my well-established Budapest life(style) behind, move to the Greek island of Crete and pursue my path in a setting more close to (my) nature.

Initially trying to put aside my credits as a leader and entrepreneur, I recognised these abilities as something in my core nature which worth keeping and bringing to a new level. Together with my spirit-led coaching and mentoring that accompanied my activities over the years, sort of by-default. Only a few months after I moved to the Greek island of Crete, I started to host and lead Transformative Journeys on Crete that was a natural flow with some rewarding results in others lives. I launched Essential Reflections, a coaching journal of life-learning experiences through journeys to the heart, self discovery, relationships, health, personal transformation, medicinal plants & aromatherapy, inspiring food and travel ideas. 

Being trained in various healing modalities my own style and methodology of intuitive therapies has been developed over the years, offering bespoke individual holistic sessions composed by elements from aromatherapy, kinesiology, aromatic kinesiology®, as well as my passion for purity of ingredients, mystery of alchemy and the art of botanical perfumery. As an awakened human being, like a renaissance woman, I just follow my passion to be true to myself and through that quality I do my best to share my talents with the world.

I welcome you to discover my offerings though my websites, and see how I can support you if our paths meant to cross each other.