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My mission is to promote a deeper understanding of sustainable practices with transparency and authenticity in one’s personal life and work ethos. I am ultimately connected to nature, and that for me is both a source of inspiration and a life-style worth living. Plants, harvesting, distilling, herbal formulations & aromatherapy blending are all integral part of my daily life and teachings, just as therapy work, holistic coaching and consultations to empower others. Mostly spending my time on Crete, I bring along holistic life-changing experiences through highly-inspiring and transformative aromatic journeys.

I have been journaling my transformative experiences since 2013 on my personal blog Essential Reflections that has become my label I use for writing, photography and botanical creations. They are all connected after all. Visiting my journal may take you to magical places like Alice in aromatic wonderland…

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Ildiko Berecz is a modern-day alchemist, bringing her business leadership background dissolved into her roots with nature, creativity and education. Her initiation into holistic disciplines started in 2003, gaining diplomas in complementary practices from Traditional Ushui Reiki, Metaphysical Studies, Tibetan Sound Therapy to Kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Hawaiian Bodywork, and Aromatic Studies.

Aromatherapy as a life-quality improvement method has been part of Ildiko’s personal life journey from her early 20’s, becoming a major transformative contributor in her own natural healing from endometriosis.

A dedicated space about natural healing from endometriosis has come to life at The Bleeding Rose Project.   

As a holistic intuitive and a creative catalyst Ildiko has been bringing life-changing experiences through her highly-inspiring and transformative aromatic practices, coaching, writing and photography since her move to Crete island in 2013. She has been writing her blog Essential Reflections since 2013, and served as a contributing writer and editorial team member to Aromatika Magazin in Hungary since 2015. She got invited to be a member of the Association of Hungarian Aromatherapists from 2016, as well as to speak at the DROPS Aromatherapy Conference in Budapest in 2019.

Ildiko passionately divides her time between various activities in the context of holistic life practices and personal development. She is also an artisan distiller and botanical formulator who takes a lead in alternative living and offers aromatic journeys for aromatherapy enthusiasts and transformative journeys to those wishing to change their lives. She is passionate to share her life-changing experiences and wide knowledge on alternative modalities while dedicated to life-long development of the true self, and support the treasury of fine-tuning healthy mind, body and soul.

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